Tim Sartain

Tim Sartain Gagetown, New Brunswick

What began by tackling a few repairs around his cottage has turned into a full-blown fascination with wood for Tim Sartain. From handyman to artisan, Tim’s interest in woodworking quickly developed as he started turning out rustic pieces as cottage decor, and it has only grown from there.

Now, retired and living in the Village of Gagetown, Tim continues to hone his craft and has turned woodworking into a full-time passion.

Typically employing locally-sourced elm, ash, apple, maple, cedar and birch, Tim’s work—particularly his charcuterie boards—features the creative and colourful use of food-grade epoxy resins. All of his boards are finished with food-grade oil and finishing wax. Tim selects each piece of wood for its uniqueness, choosing to work with the distinctive shapes found naturally within the wood to add an extra depth to his charcuterie boards.

“My passion for woodworking, and resin epoxy in particular, stems from the realization that no two pieces are alike or can be duplicated. The resin is constantly shifting and changing until it hardens.”

The majority of these boards are sustainably harvested and milled from a forest in upper Hampstead, New Brunswick, then hand cut and finished in The Boardroom in the village of Gagetown, NB. Other Exotic woods are imported for their vibrant colour variations.

Care: Do not submerge in water. Never cut on the Epoxy surface. Clean using a warm, damp cloth. Use beeswax or butcher block oil to keep the product hydreated.

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