Raven Glass Studio

Ingo and Julie Doetsch (Ravens Glass) are glass artists. Ingo is originally from Germany and Julie is from St. Louis, Missouri. They currently live and work at a rural property in central New Brunswick. Ingo earned his Bachelor of Science with a Major in Chemistry and a Minor in Math at DePauw University in Indiana. He then earned his Ph.D in Physical Chemistry at University of North Carolina, then going on as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Victoria where he spent much of his time in a technical glass room. Julie attended Southeast Missouri State University where she majored in Biology. She then worked with Masters and Johnson at the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation in St. Louis. Afterwards, she enrolled in a Ph.D program in Reproductive Endocrinology at the Medical College of Georgia where she met Ingo. The couple received the Oudemans Christmas Choice Award. Both are members of the New Brunswick Craft Council & Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council.

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