Pat Trecartin

Patricia Trecartin has lived in Saint John most of her life.

Patricia has been painting since the late eighties and is largely self-taught. She has, however, studied under well-known artists Fred Ross and Herzl Kashetskey. She first began showing and selling miniature oils at Klausen Custom Framing in 1991, and was encouraged by a small but appreciative audience. Her initial efforts have evolved over the past years, and she now paints not only miniatures, but precisely-executed still life's and landscapes. She has furthered her artistic skills through a process of study, experimentation and simply by following her own instincts.

An early retirement from the Federal Civil Service in 1997 enabled Patricia to devote much more time to her favourite hobby. She and her husband presently live in Lower Kars . She attributes the inspiration for many of her landscapes to the beauty and serenity of Belleisle Bay.

Patricia Trecartin has always possessed and innate appreciate of line, composition and colour which is clear in all she undertakes, from home design to landscaping. Her artistic temperament has always been evident to those who know her. Her awareness of beauty and her self-exacting nature form the basis of the philosophy expressed through her painting.

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