Francine Martin

Francine Martin lives in a small community in North West New Brunswick. At the age of eight she discovered the magic of painting. Who would have known that paint by numbers could awaken what was asleep. By her teenage years, she was already working to enhance the pediatric wards by painting scenes on the walls.
During her teaching career, in 1994, she did a one year degree in plastic arts, after which she devoted time to impart her knowledge to students and teachers alike. In 2016, she rented space at the Acanthus Gallery. In 2017, she exposed her work in the Acanthus gallery section and did an exhibition at the Banville-Pérusse Gallery, at which point the Andrew & Laura McCain Gallery invited her to expose and sell her work in its boutique. She was selected in Making Waves 2018, a fine art and craft auction on Ministers Island.
In all that movement, she discovers Chiaroscuro, a technique of the ancient masters. Obscurity pierced by brightness.

In painting the illusion of form she seeks a luminosity that gives life to the creation. This scintillation of light is the child who discovers the spark of her very being in paint by numbers.

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