Toni Bellefleur

Toni Bellefleur

Toni Bellefleur lives in Edmundston, NB. “My passion for wood developed when I was very young. At 16, I received my first carpentry class at school. I immediately discovered that I had a talent for working wood. At 17, I bought my first wood lathe and found my passion for wood turning! At 18, I sculpted my first wooden guitar. Many local musicians have had the pleasure to make it vibrate in many shows.

My CCNB carpentry course at the Edmundston campus confirmed to me that I was on the right track ... that of wood!”

"I took my classes with Bernard Bujold, a master turner at Cap Lan in the Gaspé.It opened a lot of doors for me and serves me greatly in my work today." says Bellefleur. “Ten years later, after several sessions and filming training, I got my professional certification. Thus equipped, I opened my company "Buckson Woodwork".

“Now I have several products of all kinds such as: sinks, decorative bowls and salad bowls, cups, cutting boards, exotic or local wood furniture. Discover a range of top quality handmade products. "

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