Teaberry Hollow Burls

Elizabeth Kerwin-Smith

After retiring from a career with an internationally recognized company, it was time to explore new horizons. I have always had an interest in developing my artistic side, so I set off in a new direction in burl wood sculpting.

A chance meeting in the Yukon with a local burl sculptor, set in motion an interest and passion for working with wood. Self taught and working by trial and error I began my journey.

My friend and mentor Peter Kinsella, was quick to offer his words of wisdom. A well established and talented wood turner, Peter encouraged, made suggestions and critiqued my sculpted burl work.

After selling within N.B. over the last 5 years and being chosen as an artist to present at the Summerville Art Festival my work now resides in homes and offices across Canada, U.S.A., Mexico and Europe.

I work with burls harvested from downed trees or obtained as a bi-product of the logging industry. All are locally sourced from New Brunswick trees and include such wood as: Black Cherry, Maple, Birch, Ash, Spruce and White Cedar. I pretty much use what-ever burls come my way. Each burl is then hand shaped without the use of a turning lathe, sanded, and waxed to bring out the woods natural grain and beauty. A unique feature is my hand tinting process. I create and mix my own colours using water based wood stains. It’s important to note, no coating other than a bit of wax is applied to the finished piece. As all burls are irregular in shape, no two are ever alike. The shape of the burl will dictate in some way the shape of the finished piece.

My work is intended as a one-of-a-kind piece of table art.

An opportunity to bring a bit of the forests of New Brunswick into your urban environment!

Created by nature…..saved and enhanced by: Elizabeth Kerwin-Smith!

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