Sophie Levesque

I am an artist who is constantly trying to achieve excellence in my work and to do so I am looking at refining my technique and work. I try to convey an atmosphere and also emotions that are pertinent to the subject being depicted. I diversify my work and paint landscapes, still life and portraits of people and animals.

My technique is similar to the impressionist using greys and also minimizing the light in the subject to maximize the effect.
Different articles written about my work talk about my ability to poetically convey the subject which in turn the viewer can appropriate for themselves.
I studied alongside many artists and have refined my work by taking virtual classes with masters both from the United States and from Canada. In 2022 I have acquired the IAF title through the Institute of Figurative Art.
I have been featured in both group and solo shows since 2005 and have work in collections across the Americas. I have been featured in magazines like Arabella and Magazin’art.

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