"Portal to Deep Time" Sculpture Size 16.5x12.5

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"Portal to Deep Time" Sculpture Size 16.5x12.5. Featuring raku fired clay, clay pebbles, pyrite, and Mexican iridize smalti. Handmade by Tim Isaac.

This clay raku fired tile was made from a mold of a famous fossil that resides in the NB Museum. The original is from the Cambrian Period. approx. 500 million years ago.

The New Brunswick Museum describes it in this manner:

Trilobite: Paraoxides regina Matthew, Cambrian, Saint John, New Brunswick, Collector: W.D. Matther and G.F. Matthew, C. 1886. Paradoxides regina was perhaps the largest trilobite known in the late 19th century. Will Matthew found this specimen in Saint John when was about fourteen years old. Will's father George described the fossil in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada and named the species in honour of Queen Victoria.

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