Jonathan Poirier : Wearcoyote

Jonathan Poirier, also known as Wearcoyote, is a man of many talents. Originally from Québec, He moved to Saint John in 2016 after completing his studies. While his professional field is communications and journalism, his passion lies in leatherworking.

He works with vegetable leather to create stunning pieces that are both beautiful and functional. His unique style is inspired by Celtic and Norse designs. He loves to spend hours carving stunning knotworks of animals.

He started out leatherworking by creating his own gear for LARP (live action roleplay games) and soon began taking commissions from friends and Saint Johners who were impressed by his talent. In 2022, he took his skills to the next level by completing a leatherworking online course with Black Raven Armoury.

With his eye for detail and commitment to excellence, Wearcoyote is an artist to watch..

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