Femme Mécanique

I come from a visual art and music background and needed a job/passion where I could keep my hands busy. I have a huge obsession with trying to figure out how things are made. Because I am self-taught as a jeweller, I tend to be really open minded about my technical approach. I take my visual arts knowledge with my love for crafts and learn every technique with the good old trial and errors. I end up with my own unique techniques that are really efficient and creatives.

I am currently working on a series of nature's treasures. I collect bits and pieces of nature on the ground and transform them into portable art. I create moulds out of silicone and cast them in sterling and bronze. There is a long process from the branch to the final result but is always a great satisfaction.

The transformation of Montreal's visual surroundings - Organic matter, architecture, culture and urbanism - defines Femme Mecanique Designs' collection. Sustainably created by hand from solid sterling silver and bronze, each piece takes its essence in the core of the city and their habitants.

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