Elsa Valinas

Elsa Valinas is a Mexican designer and multidisciplinary artist, willing to share a piece of her colourful and chaotic culture through her designs. She is always looking for a way to express her creativity. Her main inspiration comes from her Mexican and Spaniard roots. She considers herself very fortunate to come from a country full of contrasts, ancestral traditions and a fantastic mix of pre-Colombian, colonial and modern elements that influence her creative process.

Design is an essential part of her, and one of her favourite materials to work with is clay.Clay’s willingness to be transformed makes it a perfect medium to express and share with people the visual and tactile experiences through uniquely hand carving and colourful glazes.With the idea to pursue her love for clay, she moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick to improve her skills and knowledge after completing a Ceramics Diploma at NBCCD gaining the chance to renew her creative process focus on designing and producing ceramic objects.

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