Denis Eve

Denis recalls a conversation he had with an artist/friend where he commented that he was quite envious of people with artistic talents. She replied "Everyone is an artist. Some people just haven’t found their medium yet. Or their medium hasn’t found them".

In 2022 he pulled up roots in Victoria, BC and decided to explore the other coast, moving to Saint John, NB. While the benefits of moving were many, one major surprise was in store. Homes in Saint John tend to come with basements, large open spaces to explore any artistic venture. And then stained glass found him.

Denis’ focus is to create work that he hasn’t seen before, playing with textures, perspective, and degrees of opacity in every panel. He steers away from the patterned approach and likes to create each work “on the fly", often changing direction for the next cut based on the last as the piece speaks to him.

His favorite piece to date is an insert he created to fill the space in his decommissioned fireplace, bringing back the warmth and character of such a great architectural feature. This project also allowed Denis to explore building a custom frame (yay, another new skill) and experiment with backlighting.

Denis’ work can be found at Handworks Gallery, and he welcomes the opportunity to explore the world of commissioned projects - please contact Handworks Gallery for more information.

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