Deborah Wybou

In 2003, Deborah Wybou was busy working on a math-based thesis for her MBA at the University of New Brunswick. Looking for a bit of relief from the stress of writing the thesis, Deborah began dabbling in jewellery design, experimenting with silver and semi-precious stones. She became so captivated by the processes involved in working with silver that the thesis ended up being behind schedule. A friend commented that the jewellery-making was not "anti-stress" but "anti-thesis" and thus Antithesis Designs was born.

Of course Deborah did finish her thesis and she graduated with a Masters Degree in Business in 2004. Now, years later, Antithesis Designs is thriving as she continues to design, create and sell her jewellery. She also teaches the art of silver wire and chainmaille.

Although Deborah prefers the properties of sterling silver, she also works with fine silver, gold, gold filled wire and copper.

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