Dale Cook

Dale Cook, born and raised in Quispamsis, N.B, has been a lifelong advocate for maritime art.

What started as a curious interest, painting quickly became a consuming force in Dale’s life.

Among the many courses and classes she’s taken over the years, Dale cites the fundamental courses in art by Theresa Hanley-Nickerson on Canterbury street as some of the most pivotal and influential courses in her career.

“I’ve done every [medium] all through. At one time is was just watercolour.” Dale made the switch to oil when she began taking more serious classes. While she may set up sketches and underpaintings in other medium, oil has been her focus.

“Recently, I discovered the joy of painting figurative art, the excitement of seeing a character come alive on canvas; the challenge of capturing light reflected on skin and the shadows that define the shapes.”

Dale’s impressionistic and representational works have been collected in a professional setting for over ten years.

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