Cridaigle (Christine Daigle)


Montreal-born, Canadian artist Cridaigle grew up on New Brunswick’s southeast coast, pursued scientific studies as well as an international career in the medical device field helping specialists in Canada, Latin America & Europe (EMEA).

Brazil in 2012 has since re-awoken her fascination for colours, the latter having actually started at the age of 5 with her green sneakers. Her artistic approach arises from the symbiosis of her past work & life experiences, the people on her path who have had - and continue to have - a profound impact on her and her art, humanity & environmental causes which are directly linked to our health. The message through her colours and how the latter renders so much more ‘life’ to a space.

Cridaigle’s work speaks of natural elemental beauty, calmness & peace intertwined with life phases and human health. The importance of trees/forests in our daily lives, awareness of global deforestation & forest fires are portrayed in her “Forest” collection, awakening human responsibility seen through the window of hope. In her ‘Colors’ series, the mix of coastal horizons of infinite possibilities juxtaposed with conventional and unconventional colours have been said by NY galerists to remind us of the Color Field painting movement inspired by the European modernism which started in NY during the 40s and 50s.

Her self-taught abstract & unique art has been shown and is sold in Canada, the US, Europe & Latin America. Cridaigle is an emerging artist with the Canada Council for the Arts.

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