Adam McNamara

Adam Mcnamara- Upper Lahave, Nova Scotia

Adam is a wood sculpture artist based out of Upper Lahave, NS. He has a background in Natural sciences, and uses this subject matter in his work. Adam's education in science has greatly informed his view of the world. Ideas about environmental ecosystems, society, and our effect on the world dominate his art. Specifically, the unique ecosystems of Eastern Canada are one of his largest inspirations, and something he wishes to educate the public about. Combining these ideas with his self taught techniques in woodcraft, Adam tells stories about creatures, about places, and about moments in time. Using the perfectly imperfect quality of nature, he seeks to reflect this organized chaos within his subject matter, and within his medium. All of his work is made of local sustainably sourced wood, and the wood is always an integral part of the story he's telling. Using a lens of interpretive realism, Adam plays with the use of his medium to display the meaning behind his pieces. Adam hopes to bring his own unique perspective to the world of craft.

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