Handworks Staff: Meet Emily Cleland 

Name: Emily Cleland
Age: 26
Occupation: Gallery Assistant
Location: Saint John, NB

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m originally from Bathurst, NB. I lived away from the east coast for about 6 years between traveling and university, but am so happy to be back in New Brunswick! I had a lot of wonderful experiences and great learning opportunities, but the east coast holds a very special place in my heart. It’s one of the many reasons why I love working at Handworks! I’m passionate about the arts, reading, traveling, cooking, and the occasional Netflix binge.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A typical day at the gallery consists of working on our artist displays; interacting with clients and helping them choose art; interacting with artists; day to day activities like updating the website, answering emails, responding to client requests, etc; planning future gallery events; and, helping to create a welcoming atmosphere. IMG_0795
How did you wind up in Saint John, NB?
I moved to Saint John for love! My fiancé was moving here for work and so we moved from Fredericton to Saint John in April 2015.

What’s your favourite part about Saint John?
I love living uptown! It’s a wonderful community of people and businesses.

Did you study art or is it just of interest to you?
I studied Art History and Film at Concordia University in Montreal. I focused on Canadian Art during my studies, but there was a lack of emphasis on Atlantic Canadian Art. It is part of what prompted me to move back to the east coast, because I knew that there was a thriving and exciting art scene happening and I wanted to be able to become a part of it.

Do you remember the first piece of art you ever bought?
I do. The first piece of art I ever bought was Winter Myths by Dana O’Regan (one of my favourite East Coast artists). IMG_0761

Winter Myths by Dana O’Regan – acrylic on canvas

Are you an artist in any way? If so, tell us about your work.
Oh, I wish! I’ve tried my hand with a few different mediums, but all to no avail! I am an ardent art lover and supporter though!

What is your favourite painting & by who?
This one is tough! When I was in Madrid, I went to the Museo del Prado and saw the work of Peter Paul Rubens (The Three Graces) which made me decide that I wanted to study art. I don’t think I can choose just one…I feel like there is still so much for me to know about art and I discover more artists each and every day. I do love the work of Jack Shadbolt, especially his ‘Summer Still-life’ from 1959. IMG_0767

I Want To Make You Happy #1 by Danielle Hogan – ink, thread, & lace on paper

Do you collect anything?
I’m a beginner art collector! So far, I have two paintings, a few pieces of pottery, and some woodworking.

When you’re not at the gallery, where else could we find you?
When I’m not at the gallery, you can usually find me at Big Tide, Port City Royal, or Lemongrass!

Emily’s favourites @ Handworks!


Birds Eye Maple bowl by Maurice Gamblin
5 Piece square set by Darren Emeneau
Never Lonely by George Chase

They can be found online at Handworks.ca or stop by the gallery at 12 King Street, Saint John.  

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