Group 25

Questionnaire: Isabelle Lafargue

Thank you for joining us today for the latest instalment of Getting to Know Your Artists…from a safe distance
With news that businesses will slowly be opening again, we are going to continue maintaining a safe way to delve deeper into an artists background and process.

Today we Isabelle Lafargue!

“I am from the maritimes, from an island, but not from Canada! I was born and grew up in the french island of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon, this tiny part of France need Newfoundland. Then I went to France to study, came back to St-Pierre to work and opened my first Studio.
In 2012, my husband Thierry and I decide to move to Canada with our kids. Since then we live in Dieppe, New-Brunswick ! and I am proud to say that we are now Canadian Citizen.”

What’s the first thing you have to drink in the morning to get your day started?

I need one (or two) black tea with milk – no sugar

What about your medium captivated you to pursue it as an art form?

In fact there are 3 mediums that captivated me to pursue it as an art form : drawing, oil painting and porcelain painting. Since 2005 Porcelain painting become the principal medium I work with…but since a couple of month I am back with oil painting too working on new projects 🙂

Is there another medium you’d like to try to adapt your style into?

Oh yes ! I would love to try copperplate etching and prints.

What’s your favourite colour? Do you use it in your work?

I cannot really says that I have a favourite colour, I am a huge fam of colours since I was a little girl. I use all of them in my work depending of the feelings I have. I like to play with the colours. I like them vibrant or soft, bright or dark, and more. I like to explore the sensation we have with colours in front of a piece. because of colours a work of art can be whimsical, dramatic, romantic, peaceful, energetic, elegant…I have a passion for colours and precious metal such as gold.

Is there something particularly complicated about your medium that most people aren’t aware of?

Working on porcelain as a canvas with traditional and modern techniques require to work step by step with several firings (in a ceramic kiln) between layers or depending the colour you work with because those are metallics oxides which react with temperatures. Also depending on the medium you use for mixing the paint, the result won’t be the same. You have to work with very thin layers like watercolour to avoid cracks during the firing process.

Where do you envision your artwork ending up? A city loft? Corporate boardroom? Wistful cottage?

All around the world and everywhere people like to have it. Could be in a living room, in a museum, in a cottage, in a loft. I also made some useful pieces that I hope people can share around a table or enjoy a tea, a meal with family and guests, treasures and jewelry boxes for your favourite jewelry, art urn to rest in piece with the decor you love and canvas to make you feel good and dream.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on a collection of new work. Piece of art made with the combination of oil painting on canvas and porcelain painting on tile

Do you have a vice that you indulge in to reward or motivate yourself?

Dark chocolate 🙂

Do you listen to music when you work (if yes, who and what type) or do you need silence?

Yes, I almost always listen music when I paint, it could be relaxing music (sound of nature, piano, zen music), smooth classic jazz (various artists, Olivier Jones, Monk, Oscar Peterson), French texts songs (Romain Didier, Aldebert, Cabrel ) world music (Lhasa de Sela), Reggae (Bob Marley)

What do you find encourages you most to get into your work space and create?

I feel good and always relax in my studio. It is « vital » for me to create in my studio.

How many galleries represent your work? 

3 Galleries in New-Brunswick, NB : Handworks Gallery St-John,

Gallery 78 Fredericton and Apple Art Gallery Moncton

1 Gallery in Montreal, Galerie 203

1 Gallery in Chicago, USA, Lotton Gallery

Have you worked with another local artist who you find vibes well with your flow. Has this resulted in any partner art projects?

Yes I have worked with Fabiola Martinez and we have create the exhibition « Home- Chez-nous -Calli »

Is there a local artist who you WOULD like to work with on a project?

I would love to work with Bob Morouney

What’s your perfect way to “reset” your mind?

Having a walk by the sea, feeling the ocean with seagulls, boats, the sound of the waves, the deep blue of the sea, the horizon, discovering art galleries and other artist’s work

What season is your favourite and why?

Spring is my favourite season,May and June here in the maritime when the weather is sunny, temperature perfect, colours brights, flowers, butterfly, days longer… you can go for a walk in the nature and the very best having a walk near the ocean

What’s your most productive season?

Spring and Christmas

If you weren’t an artist, what career path could you see yourself pursuing?

I think I could be an apothecary 🙂